Otterly Obsessed

Otters are probably some of the cutest animals on the planet right now. I’ve been obsessed with them for a while, and the more otters I see, the more I love them. I love their little kitteh-pupper faces and their little t-rex arms and their little busy people-hands. I love that they collect pebbles and enjoy juggling them. And I absolutely love that *they have pockets* hidden in their baggy-skinned armpits where they sometimes keep their favorite rock.

I bring all of this up because I’ve just created a new otter stuffie pattern and have already made three of them and I’m definitely keeping one for myself because omg lookit these guys:

One of these brown tweed fellas is named  Maynard and is in the Etsy shop. And then there’s Astrid the Astronott, who’s going to Otter Space. She has a papier mache space gear and is ready for lift-off:

I’m pretty sure these are the cutest guys I’ve ever made. I want to keep them all, but I CANNOT.


When cat naps go meta

Angie Brown | Meta Cat Nap So there I was, *trapped* on the couch unable to move, a hostage of the snoozebeast quietly snoring betwixt my sweatpanted legs. We were there for quite a while, as it was cold and rainy out. Luckily my sketchbook was within reach, so I was able to do more than just sit and watch her sleep, creeper style.

I added a bit of watercolor afterward and then monkeyed around in Photoshop with a brush set on overlay mode.

The hand may look a little wonky because a.) I hold my pencil funny; b.) to draw the hand that is drawing the hand creates a paradox loop (see also Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle); and c.)  I was already dealing with infinity in the bottom left corner, and that is *way too much science* for one drawing of a sleeping cat.

Ionic, Isinglass, and I

Angie Brown | Ionic magazine
Angie Brown | Fishing for Isinglass | Ionic Magazine

There’s a neato online magazine out of the UK called Ionic. It’s full of really interesting articles about science and features some pretty cool illustrations… like this one here, by yours truly, for an article entitled “Fishing for Isinglass”.

If you like science and/or neat and interesting things, you should probably click this link: