And so here we go…

And so here we go. I’m blogging again. Somewhere out there in Internetsland, I have spawned and orphaned at least 2 blogs in the past 5 years. This one will be different.

I mean it this time.


Because see,  my friend Maddie has this awesome blog, & it made me want to start my own… Because I have lots of stuff to talk about, what with my interests in art & culture, food & wine, theories & rantings

I believe that real art is rare and that there are more people with paintbrushes than there are people with ideas and/or talent.

I believe that our culture is anemic, cannibalistic, and afraid. I aim to do my part to fix that by injecting my own little ray of wholesome sunshine into the world whenever I can, and by being really real …for reals.

I believe food should be respected, especially fruits & vegetables (which is why I prefer to bag my own groceries at the checkout. Nothing pisses me off more than someone manhandling my melons.)

I believe wine is divine. Paul and I are exploring the $10 and less range while developing our palettes, and we’ve discovered some real beauties. I wonder what’s so good about $20+ wine…

I believe our government is trying to kill us. They’ve sold us to the Big Corporations for machine fodder. Lies and conspiracies abound. Trust no one.

I could go on, but I won’t. Not now. But soon…