Tuxedo Orchestra

Angie Brown | Tuxedo OrchestraVivi, my 5 year-old, moonlights as a conductor of the penguin orchestra at the local zoo. I mean, why not? She’s dressed for it already in her snazzy tuxedo.

I created this illustration a few years ago when I was into vector illo and the mid-century modern style. I’d like to revisit it again now using my current loves, cut paper collage and watercolor/ink. I’ma put that on my (already infinite) to-do list. And this time, the tuba player will be punctual.


if penguins were in marching band…

Angie Brown | tuba
…they’d play the tuba.

This week on Illustration Friday, the topic is talent. I figured I’d draw some musical penguins. The little tuba player was running late, and didn’t make the group shot. But he was adorable, even though I apparently have no idea what a tuba looks like. I need to revisit my source imagery and try again before he joins the rest of the orchestra, which is led by a very talented conductor.

In related news, ta-da! I am a brand-spankin-new Content Creator on the Illustration Friday blog. (If you draw pictures, but aren’t familiar with Illustration Friday, click thee the link, and post-haste! It’s a great site that suggests a new topic every week and everyone submits their own interpretation. But you may have figured that out already from the context clues– you’re pretty smart. You’re also a snappy dresser. And I like what’s happening with your hair right now.) But I digress…

My first post goes live on Thursday, and I’ll be selecting a new artist each week to showcase. It’ll be awesome. You should check it out. By the way, have you been working out? I thought so.

And hey, thanks for stopping by. It was really good to see you–
and really, I mean it, you look great. 

penguin orchestra-01