Puffer Reef

Angie Brown | galacticbloom

I enjoy the pufferfish. This here is the porcupine variety, which is an actual thing. The sea floor is made from giftwrap, printed boxes, and a magazine. I made it not really knowing it was a sea floor I was making. Then I saw these fish in my sketchbook and I knew exactly where they should live. A little Photoshop later, and voila!

They look rather happy don’t they?

We might see them again later in other projects…


Ionic, Isinglass, and I

Angie Brown | Ionic magazine
Angie Brown | Fishing for Isinglass | Ionic Magazine

There’s a neato online magazine out of the UK called Ionic. It’s full of really interesting articles about science and features some pretty cool illustrations… like this one here, by yours truly, for an article entitled “Fishing for Isinglass”.

If you like science and/or neat and interesting things, you should probably click this link: www.ionicmagazine.co.uk