When cat naps go meta

Angie Brown | Meta Cat Nap So there I was, *trapped* on the couch unable to move, a hostage of the snoozebeast quietly snoring betwixt my sweatpanted legs. We were there for quite a while, as it was cold and rainy out. Luckily my sketchbook was within reach, so I was able to do more than just sit and watch her sleep, creeper style.

I added a bit of watercolor afterward and then monkeyed around in Photoshop with a brush set on overlay mode.

The hand may look a little wonky because a.) I hold my pencil funny; b.) to draw the hand that is drawing the hand creates a paradox loop (see also Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle); and c.)  I was already dealing with infinity in the bottom left corner, and that is *way too much science* for one drawing of a sleeping cat.


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