Angie Brown | OOTD #airguitarHey, remember when I rocked that look— i.e. illustrated a short series of selfies + fashion illustrations + air guitars? Just wanted you to know that I didn’t stop, yo— I just slowed down. This one is from a few months ago; I’ve just run across it while flipping through my sketchbook, and I think it’s a keeper. It was a Friday, and a Good Hair Day.

…I think I might wear this to work one day next week, with a cute sweater to cover my tattoos and also #becausecoldindatoffice.

What are you gonna wear?

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Rock On…

Since I started the Rocked that Look illustration challenge to work on human action poses and movement, I’ve noticed the unintended effect it’s had on the amount of care I put into choosing my outfit each day. “Could I totally rock out in this outfit?” I ask myself. “Can I play air guitar in this?” And most importantly, “Is this outfit going to be fun to draw?” These are two of my favorite looks from last week.

Angie Brown | Rocked that Look Angie Brown | Rocked that Look

Angie Brown | Toby
Toby the Sloth | Angie Brown

In other news, I’ve also been sewing plushies lately. I mentioned an iguana recently in another post, but I’ve decided that he’s not ready for the public yet. Inigo’s going back under the knife for a little redesign surgery.

We do, however, have the pleasure of introducing Toby, the adorable sloth baby. He, or someone very much like him, will be appearing in my Etsy shop shortly. Toby incorporates scraps from my Sherlock Halloween/cosplay dress and a bit of the wool plaid skirt I’m currently frankenstyling into a wrap-around.

And now frankenstyling is a word. You’re welcome.

Sherlocked that Look: Halloween Edition

Angie Brown | rocked that look
Angie Brown | Rocked That look10-25-14
I missed a few days of my air guitar / wardrobe illustration challenge this week, *because cats.* After three very tense days and as many trips to the vet, we are now on our way to a full recovery. To celebrate the health and wellness of our family unit, I had the girls join me for the special Halloween Edition of Rocked That Look. Inspired by the BBC series Sherlock, Vivi is rocking the titular role and her sidekick Jenkins rocks out as John Watson, while I, of course, am the apartment at 221B Baker Street.

I made the dress a few weeks ago using fabric printed with the wallpaper pattern of Sherlock and John’s living room. (Purchased from Spoonflower.) The cats’ costumes are purely imaginary, as no self-respecting cat would wear that ridiculous hat.

My favorite of this series so far is the green cargo skirt look from the 25th. That’s the one where I sort of figured out how I wanted these to look. And now I’m just working out the details and tough bits, and trying to push the poses.

Top 3 Looks Rocked Last Week

Angie Brown | Rocked That Look

Angie Brown | Rocked That Look

Angie Brown | Rocked That Look

I’ve been having tons o’ fun this week with my new drawing challenge, in which I render myself rocking out on the air guitar in whatever I wore the previous day. I’ve started calling the project *Rocked That Look* and it’s become a vital part of my daily coffee-and-Pinterest morning ritual. This week, while researching new pose reference images, (Hello Eddie, Jimi, and Jimmy,) I learned that the facial expression is an integral part of the guitar solo. One simply cannot play the air guitar without a proper Air Guitar Solo Face®. Other project parameters: Always vary the pose, and always push… push the media and materials, push the technique, push the movement and energy. Always keep it interesting, and above all else—no matter what—Rock. That. Look.

Also, I’m probably gonna need more boots in my life for this project to be successful…

Self Portrait with Air Guitar

Angie Brown | self-portrait with air guitar

Sometimes I get in a doodly mood, but can’t think of anything to draw. I’ve always thought illustrator Gemma Correll’s What I Wore Today project looked like fun, and with the hallowed advent of boot weather, it seemed like the perfect time to start a similar project of my own. Besides, I really need to work on my people skills… as in how I might draw them n’ stuff. I tend to draw lots of animals and plants, architecture and such, but not humans very often. I also want to explore movement and action more, something a bit more dynamic than the ol’ flat and frontal. And somehow all that landed me here… playing the air guitar. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but it amuses me quite a bit. So far, I have four such renderings of the past week’s fashions, and in all of them, I am wailing away mid-solo on my imaginary Les Paul. This is my favorite. Rock on, y’all.