Hand-lettered Wedding

Me: “So you know how it says “…invite you to bear witness?” … Can I put a little bear peeking around the tree, witnessing?”  
Bride: “Absolutely.”

Angie Brown | handlettered weddingTwo very dear friends of mine are getting married in a few months under a big old walnut tree in North Carolina. I was honored when the bride asked me to design the invitation suite, and thrilled when she told me what she had in mind. I was even more excited when she requested that all the text be hand-lettered as well. We had a really tight deadline, so I spent several evenings on sketches and an entire weekend painting and digitizing the files to be print-ready.

Mads sent me these shots of the final product back from the printer. Love the paper choice—looks like it’s got a nice, toothy texture. This was a really fun project and I hope I get the chance to do more work like this soon.

Currently in the pipeline, I’ve got a big website update coming… eventually, and a new travel illustration—Amsterdam, Bavaria and Northern France, oh my!


Because yay, animals!

Angie Brown


Yay, woodland creatures! I originally sketched this out for a friend’s wedding save-the-date, but bride was all like “Um, yay nature, but whoa on the animal party!” So I drew a less populated sketch for her, and meanwhile decided to finish this up for another friend’s birthday. Birthdaying friend loved it, because yay animals! Then bride calls me back. Seems the groom was rather smitten with the animals, particularly the raccoons.

So yay animals! I’ll be finishing up that save-the-date in the next few weeks, complete with hand-lettered poem and such. I’ll go a touch more elegant with it– think “light and airy,” she says.

It’s watercolor, color pencil, chalk, and coffee.