Yule Ball

Angie Brown | galacticbloom

Back in early December, our local Barnes & Noble store hosted a Harry Potter-themed Yule Ball event. Being the geeks that we are, we got excited… There was a casual mention of perhaps helping a friend with her baby’s costume. By the end of the week, I had whipped up costumes for the entire family of three… as I do.

The baby (9 months) was the cutest Hedwig you’ve ever seen. Mom dressed as a Cage, as she’d primarily be holding the baby bird all evening. I was only half-joking when I suggested that dad dress as a broom. He objected at first, but after we described how the sleek, aerodynamic Nimbus 2000 was the top-of-the-line in flying technology and the real MVP of the action, he was totally on board.

Costume photos after the jump… 

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Top 10 places to sit & purr really, really loud

Angie Brown | Best places to sit and purr really, really loudKeeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, here’s a doodle page from my sketchbook entitled “The Best Places to Sit & Purr Really, Really Loud… or just nap“. (Author’s Note: I only have two cats. Not like, eleven. Also, the “someone” upon whose shoulders a particular cat likes to drape herself is –surprise– me. I do not own a yellow towel though. Everything else herein depicted is 100% true.) 

Hand-lettered Wedding

Me: “So you know how it says “…invite you to bear witness?” … Can I put a little bear peeking around the tree, witnessing?”  
Bride: “Absolutely.”

Angie Brown | handlettered weddingTwo very dear friends of mine are getting married in a few months under a big old walnut tree in North Carolina. I was honored when the bride asked me to design the invitation suite, and thrilled when she told me what she had in mind. I was even more excited when she requested that all the text be hand-lettered as well. We had a really tight deadline, so I spent several evenings on sketches and an entire weekend painting and digitizing the files to be print-ready.

Mads sent me these shots of the final product back from the printer. Love the paper choice—looks like it’s got a nice, toothy texture. This was a really fun project and I hope I get the chance to do more work like this soon.

Currently in the pipeline, I’ve got a big website update coming… eventually, and a new travel illustration—Amsterdam, Bavaria and Northern France, oh my!

Totes Mah Goats

Angie Brown | totes mah goats

Goats. They’re hilarious. I’m obsessed with the videos on the internets in which goats express themselves vocally. They scream like people. 

This little drawing has been brewing for a few weeks. It’s watercolor and ink. I used water color resist for the first time. It was not what I expected–rather clumpy and unwieldy. I may have been doing it wrong. womp womp.

Later this week, I’m going to digitize the sketches and add the finished design to my society 6 store, where goat afficionados and other interested parties may buy it printed on myriad apparel and sundries, including, of course, …a tote bag.


Because cats!

Angie Brown | illustration

So far looks like 2014 is Year of the Cat– Because Cats! Above, for my BFF, Joel–  a portrait of his cats in color pencil and framed up nice. I tried something new here with the stylized fur texture and negative space, and I do like the way it turned out. And then below, I drew these cats for the local feral rescue organization– they’re having a Mardi Gras-themed fundraiser next month. I’ve designed the poster using this drawing and will also be donating the original watercolor/ink to the silent auction.

Angie Brown | illustrationOtherwise, I have been working on a few other things that are not cats or cat-related. Because I do sometimes draw other stuff. Stay tuned!