Remembering Italy

Angie BrownBuon giorno! Just a little reminder that I’ve been posting some of my smaller, older paintings for sale on Etsy at ridiculously low prices in order to clear out some inventory. This painting, titled “Haze and Fog”, pioneered the loose, drippy style that I moved into toward the end of my Architectural Period—it was always a crowd favorite, as well as one of my own. The other two 16x20s of Venice have already sold. Last one!


Grumpasaur seeks new home

Angie Brown | Ignacio Meet Iggy the Grumpasaur. He’s a little dazed due to the wee hour o’ the morning, but he’s got his cup of joe, and he’s taking care of business on the internets. He’s just uploaded his profile on Etsy, hoping to find someone nice to adopt him. Sure, he likes it here with me n’ all, but it’s time for a change, really—time to see a bit more of the world, meet new people, explore, have adventures.

Yeah, I’ll be a bit sad when he goes— I’ve grown rather fond of his quirky face—but that bittersweet sadness will be far outweighed by the happiness and pride I’ll feel to see him off in the big, wide world, doin’ his own thang. You do you, Iggy.

You do YOU.

2015: Year of the Plushie

Claude, Sloth Majestic
This is Claude, the three-toed sloth, and his buddy, Toby. (You may remember meeting Toby briefly and randomly a few weeks ago, if you’ve been following along. Toby is a regular two-toed sloth, if you’re counting.) Claude is now chilling in my Etsy shop, where he will soon be joined by Toby and various other friends looking for new homes.

Claude & Toby by Angie Brown

Claude the 3-toed sloth... toesies

I would like to draw attention to the toes, as I’m really proud of what I did there.

This is a thing now, I make plushie animals and I sell them in my Etsy shop. And that’s another of my 2014 resolution/goals, squeaking in just before the ball drops. Pop pop!

I’m currently working on an otter. Still drawing cats.

The shop is now open!

My etsy shop is open!Super excited to announce that I have finally gotten around to setting up the Etsy shop I’ve been daydreaming about for at least a year. I returned yesterday—utterly inspired—from a long weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains, where I was surrounded by such lovely and talented people. Today I woke up determined that TODAY is the day that this is getting done.

And so it was. Yay!

Right now, I just have about eight of my older, smaller works posted (at exceedingly reasonable prices, I might add), in an effort to clear out some space in le studio. I plan to add lots more new stuff as soon as I get comfy with the shipping logistics and all that stuff. There looks to be a learning curve, and I’ll to spend some time acclimating to the Etsy ways.

Pretty jazzed about it though. 🙂 Go check it out!