Because yay, animals!

Angie Brown


Yay, woodland creatures! I originally sketched this out for a friend’s wedding save-the-date, but bride was all like “Um, yay nature, but whoa on the animal party!” So I drew a less populated sketch for her, and meanwhile decided to finish this up for another friend’s birthday. Birthdaying friend loved it, because yay animals! Then bride calls me back. Seems the groom was rather smitten with the animals, particularly the raccoons.

So yay animals! I’ll be finishing up that save-the-date in the next few weeks, complete with hand-lettered poem and such. I’ll go a touch more elegant with it– think “light and airy,” she says.

It’s watercolor, color pencil, chalk, and coffee.


IF :: Farewell

Angie Brown :: Farewell
Angie Brown © 2013

Goodbye, Penelope. Welcome, Thomas! Illustration Friday has had a change in management, but will continue on. This week’s topic is farewell. I did this little drawing last week as a mother’s day gift for my stepmom. It’s a bit of a family portrait really– the bear, of course, is my dad– note the blue slippers. Over on my other blog  (a blog about a book about a dog), I’ve posted it as a coloring page, in case any little kiddos out there want to make something nice for mom this year.

Thanks for popping in!