The World Needs Cat Pinball

Angie Brown | PinballInspired by a recent visit to the Pinball Museum in Asheville, NC, where I followed a friend around as he played, making chirpy noises about the lights and graphics and themes and all the binga-ding-ding crazy whirliness and hey-neat-o things that they do… and bemoaning the distinct and poignant lack of cat-themed pinball machines in the world.

The Pinball Museum is a magical place, and they have like, ALL the machines.

But not a single one is cat-related.

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Four Day Weekend, WHUT

IMG_2294I paid off my car three weeks ago, which means that, precisely two weeks ago, every scary warning light on my dashboard started lighting up like a pinball machine. I dropped the car off Friday, and the mechanic pronounced it totally unsafe to drive.

Somehow though, the planets aligned with the Julian calendar and my work schedule to allow me a four day weekend with no car, no obligations, and no Valentine. These being the perfect conditions for a creative storm of making and sewing, I took full advantage of the solitude.

I made a new cat– Snickers, designed and made a new sloth (sloth 2.0)– Moe, made a faux leather pillow for my couch– BlackStar, and started a David Bowie doll with his own little leather jacket made from scraps. Snickers and Moe are available in my etsy shop. The Bowie stuff is MINE.

Angie Brown | galacticbloom

Angie Brown | galacticbloom

Because Bowie.

Angie Brown | Why Cats Drink : Because Bowie

“If you’re sad today, just remember the world is over 4 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.”

-Simon Pegg

It’s been a tough week

To David Jones, (January 8, 1947–January 10, 2016):
Cheers, mate.
And to the Immortal David Bowie:
Don’t believe for just one second I’m forgetting you.



Angie Brown | galacticbloomI saw this random cat from the internet—I liked her expression—so gave her some accessories… and maybe there’s a bit of a backstory developing. Her name is Petunia. I think this might be my new journal challenge for a while.

I’ve been doodling animals drinking in bars a lot lately. It amuses me and I don’t know why so I’m just going to embrace it and call it my Thing.

Other projects lately include my Halloween costume, which got completely and ridiculously out of control.

Turns out, wiggery is not to be entered into lightly. More about that later.


I Make Cats Now.

P1000849It’s finally happened. I’ve started making my own cats. This is Moxie, a tuxedo cat well-suited for lovins. I made it from pinstripe suit material found in the remnant bin at the local fabric shop. I do love a good pun. Moxie is available for purchase on Etsy, if you are completely seduced by the charms of said item.

I am now almost finished making cat #3. It’s a Thing.
I make cats now.

Tuxedo Orchestra

Angie Brown | Tuxedo OrchestraVivi, my 5 year-old, moonlights as a conductor of the penguin orchestra at the local zoo. I mean, why not? She’s dressed for it already in her snazzy tuxedo.

I created this illustration a few years ago when I was into vector illo and the mid-century modern style. I’d like to revisit it again now using my current loves, cut paper collage and watercolor/ink. I’ma put that on my (already infinite) to-do list. And this time, the tuba player will be punctual.