Hermione is nothing like her namesake.

Angie Brown | Why Cats Drink
Why Cats Drink #4 | Angie Brown

I like to think I’m good at multi-tasking—book in one hand, wine in the other, cat(s) in lap… it’s win-win-win, y’all—and my idea of a *fine* Sunday evening.

I’m pretty sure my cats have a different take on it though— sometimes they seem to resent my other hobbies and skills, and they often nibble on the corners of my book or sprawl out in the middle of my project. I have found, btdubs, that this is the absolute best time to bury one’s face in kitty belly, for they are most acquiescent whilst lounging on a fresh watercolor. *Results may vary depending on cat.

Vivi in particular is a big help in all manner of arts, and she loves the taste of fiction. This here drawing isn’t Vivi though— this is Hermione, a fictional cat who is nothing like her namesake.



Still making cats… and stuff

Angie Brown makes cats now

I’ve been making cats. I’m still pretty excited about it even though I’ve only sold one so far. I need to sell one more to break even on the all the fabric I bought…


I even made a cat reading a book. His name is Wordsworth, and I traded him for a batch of handmade soap. I need soap.
Angie Brown -- this is a wiener dog

I also made a wiener dog. Because that is just the sort of person I am. You’re the first to see him—I haven’t given him the full photo sesh yet, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Check out my Etsy shop, and maybe click “favorite” on a few things, hmm?. it’ll be fun for you and totally make my day.


Top 10 places to sit & purr really, really loud

Angie Brown | Best places to sit and purr really, really loudKeeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, here’s a doodle page from my sketchbook entitled “The Best Places to Sit & Purr Really, Really Loud… or just nap“. (Author’s Note: I only have two cats. Not like, eleven. Also, the “someone” upon whose shoulders a particular cat likes to drape herself is –surprise– me. I do not own a yellow towel though. Everything else herein depicted is 100% true.) 

Recurring Dreams

Angie Brown | Chaise Chase I Angie Brown | Chaise Chase II

The idea of a housecat dreaming of stalking a herd of upholstered furniture just cracks me up to no end. It’s an idea I’ve played with several times and to which I keep returning. The original drawing was done in watercolor, gouache, ink, and color pencil on pink paper. Then later, I used the idea for an assignment in an illustration class, using fabric, color pencil, and digital collage. I posted that one a while back, but just decided to revamp the composition—simplify it a bit—and now it clicks. And of course now that I see it on a throw pillow in my society6 shop, I think I’ma need to get me one of those… Tote bags, coffee mugs, and art prints also available.