Summer of Sloth

I’ve made a lot of sloths this year—they’ve been popular in the shop. Somehow each sloth I make becomes more and more elaborate—the latest one, Magenta—even has eyelids.


I like figuring out how make the little fiddly details like sloth lips and octopus eyes. That’s when the magic happens. I also have a deep interest in creating textiles—developing visual textures with embroidery, appliqué, quilting, dye and bleach, etc.

Here’s a group shot of everyone in the Etsy shop right now. My beautiful upcycled, eco-conscious fam.

Angie Brown | galacticbloom

I aim to run a low-to-no waste shop. But that’s another post, for another day.


Grumpasaur seeks new home

Angie Brown | Ignacio Meet Iggy the Grumpasaur. He’s a little dazed due to the wee hour o’ the morning, but he’s got his cup of joe, and he’s taking care of business on the internets. He’s just uploaded his profile on Etsy, hoping to find someone nice to adopt him. Sure, he likes it here with me n’ all, but it’s time for a change, really—time to see a bit more of the world, meet new people, explore, have adventures.

Yeah, I’ll be a bit sad when he goes— I’ve grown rather fond of his quirky face—but that bittersweet sadness will be far outweighed by the happiness and pride I’ll feel to see him off in the big, wide world, doin’ his own thang. You do you, Iggy.

You do YOU.