It’s been a while…

Not sure if anyone is still subscribed to this blog, but I’m still here, and still making animals! I have also fallen deeply in love with horticulture (that’s where I’ve been since 2018– in my garden, in case you were wondering.) I have, however, picked up sewing again this summer– and the shop has seen rather steady traffic in these Quarantimes, with new animals being posted, getting adopted, and shipping out at record speed. I guess people are needing hugs and a smol bit of joy in these dark and uncertain times, and I’m happy to provide that in the form of eco-friendly one-of-a-kind stuffed animals. 

So yeah, I’ve decided to try to pick up this blog again, and talk about my animals a bit more and maybe show off the garden and its wildlife visitors a bit too.

You can find my animal shop at

And I’m on instagram @vivavivvi

For now, here’s a photo of one of my latest, an all new pattern I’ve just developed–
Jupiter Dawn, the sassy unicorn, posing in my fern garden:
sassy pink purple and teal unicorn posing in the fern garden