My first garden, yay


I successfully grew food this year, and thereby achieved one of my life goals. I’m really rather proud of our results—we lost the squash and taters early on, due mainly to inexperience and beetle larvae—but the eggplant, pepper, and okra were rather prolific… and delicious. I have included in the drawing members of the Organic Defense Team:  two resident lizards, Fred and George (who I never saw again after Hurricane Matthew *sadface*), the toad that visited occasionally, and a representative from the ladybug squad. Oh, and the little orange spots all over the background represent the marigolds.

We even grew a 6′ tall papaya tree; it volunteered from the compost and was 2′ before we identified it. It never bloomed or anything and even if it did, we don’t have a mate for it (papayas have male and female trees, did you know that?)

I learned a lot, had tons o’ fun, and look forward to stepping up my efforts next year, with total self-sufficiency as the end goal. y’know—if the world doesn’t all go up in flames before then.

Sharpie fine points, color pencil, ink/watercolor.


SketchBook PageDump


A few recent pages from my sketchbook– I’m exploring surface design and patterns more and more. One of my goals for the next year is to use more color in my sketchbook and take more pages to this level of finishedness. But them otters tho

And now for something totally different…

Angie Brown | illustrator Angie Brown | illustrator

Cactus pattern! Since I’ve begun sewing clothes and plushies and working with fabric more,  I’ve become quite interested in pattern and print design. This is a page from my sketchbook, in original colors as scanned, and then a color variation created in Photoshop. I flipped a couple of pots around to balance it, since everything in the original seems to lean slightly to the right,and filled in a few “mountain ranges” in the background texture. What do you think? Original or Crispy?

Perhaps my next challenge will involve patterns and prints… I do love texture, visual and/or tactile. Definitely on my To-Do List for 2015: Create and upload fabric designs to; create my own textiles.

As for the Rocked that Look series, I’ve cooled off on it a bit for the moment in order to redirect, to push more into experimental techniques. I also have quite a lot of holiday gift production to catch up on at the mo’… Where does the time go?