Vultures: something to carrion about

I love custom orders / commissions. People ask for things I might never have thought of making, and I get the opportunity to stretch my skill set and play outside of the usual sandbox. So when a really cool chick in Utah messaged me wanting a VULTURE, of all creatures on this green, green earth– I was ecstatic. We chatted for a bit about colors, styles, ~moods~ she said “creepy-cute Victorian goth” and I decided to channel the artist formerly known as Prince.

Well, it’s not quite the precise hue of Princely Purple, but the strategic use of velvet and satin lends the Perfect Pop. You can also see Prince’s influence in the sheer level of sassiness.

So here we have Mortimer J. Beaksworth, made from my stash fabrics, thrifted clothes, scraps and other reclaimed bits that might’ve otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Morty was an absolute blast to make. I texted frequent photo updates to my new Utahan friend, and she was enthusiastically onboard the whole way–a real pleasure to work with. So Morty will be winging out to Utah in a few days, and I am now turning over ideas for another unusual animal to make… and I’m thinking maybe… a warthog? If you’ve got something in mind that you’ve always wanted, contact me through my Etsy shop:

Thanks for stopping by!


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