Virginia, Carolina, & Georgia

In honor of my nighttime patio guests, I have made several opossums this summer.  The first was Virginia, which I thought was pretty clever because the scientific name for the local species is Didelphis virginiana. She was the prototype, and I was especially proud of her prototypical peoplehands.  Behold the digitations, my friends!P1020516

The next opossum was Carolina June. Nice floral pattern, interesting fabrics, much personality, really cute face, mouth that screms AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. These first two barely spent a night in the shop before they were snapped up by other marsupial aficionados.

In addition to bananas and catfood, opossums eat ticks. An adult opossum can eat as many as 5,000 ticks every season. That is a valuable service. Protect your yard marsupials, they bless us with their presence, for these are very ticky times.

For my third opossum, the Deluxe Edition… Ms. Georgia Mae— I made three magnetic babies, Cricket, JuneBug, and Katydid. I sewed magnets into mama’s back and into the babies’ bellies. Am pretty proud of myself about this, actually. Georgia Mae +3 are still in the shop, as of this writing.


Georgia Mae’s photoshoot was glorious, one of my best so far. Do yourself a favor and go check that out on her shop page. All of these opossums were made from fabrics that might’ve otherwise ended up in a landfill. Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in my handmade, upcycled critters.

And by the way, if you have a possum that visits your patio, please post photos and/or anecdotes in the comments. It’s required. 🙂


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