The Fourth Awakenth


A few of my friends and I get together on the semi-reg for Nerd Nights, in which we build a blanket fort in my living room, project Star Wars movies on the wall and eat themed food. Last May the Fourth, we had some delicious pulled bantha meat and womp rat skewers. We always play the mustache game during the movies, in which we each place a paper mustache on the screen. When a character lines up with it, we giggle maniacally and take a drink. We are nerds, and we have fun.


2 thoughts on “The Fourth Awakenth

    1. Ah, yes Anette– looks like some of us may have visited your blog… Your imperial s’mores were brought to the last party and they were delicious! We will definitely be mining your recipes and games in the future, no doubt. Thanks for popping by!

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