Hermione is nothing like her namesake.

Angie Brown | Why Cats Drink
Why Cats Drink #4 | Angie Brown

I like to think I’m good at multi-tasking—book in one hand, wine in the other, cat(s) in lap… it’s win-win-win, y’all—and my idea of a *fine* Sunday evening.

I’m pretty sure my cats have a different take on it though— sometimes they seem to resent my other hobbies and skills, and they often nibble on the corners of my book or sprawl out in the middle of my project. I have found, btdubs, that this is the absolute best time to bury one’s face in kitty belly, for they are most acquiescent whilst lounging on a fresh watercolor. *Results may vary depending on cat.

Vivi in particular is a big help in all manner of arts, and she loves the taste of fiction. This here drawing isn’t Vivi though— this is Hermione, a fictional cat who is nothing like her namesake.



2 thoughts on “Hermione is nothing like her namesake.

  1. She’s wrong! Books make a great focal point for the human gaze. That way cats know exactly where to lie down in order to be stared at!

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