So books, y’all. I dig ’em.

pratchett_mortI picked up the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett a few months ago and read the first four books before I realized what was happening.

When I found out that there are approximately 40 books in the Discworld series I slowed my roll just a bit. That is not a financial or literary commitment I am ready to make right now. Like, I think I need a little space and to maybe like, read other books, y’know…

I enjoyed Mort, though it wasn’t my favorite of the Discworld books so far. (I hope the Luggage returns. I miss him…) So yah— in this one, Death, (you know—the Capital D, Proper Noun skeleton in the hoodie with a scythe-that Death—takes on an apprentice, a clumsy ginger kid conveniently named Mort. Hi-jinks ensue. I think it might’ve ended weird, but honestly I’ve read another book since I finished it; I don’t remember it very clearly…

I drew up covers for the other book too, still in progress. That’s my new thing now, I do bookcovers. Bookcovers are cool.


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