Mapmento of San Francisco

Angie Brown | San FrancisoAbout a month ago, I went to visit some friends in San Francisco and I had an absolute blast. Ever since I returned, I’ve been laboring over this 3D mapmento of my trip’s highlights.

There’s the Botanical Park in Golden Gate Park in the lower left, with the bridge and blanket of fog above, with Haight-Ashbury and a few of the “Painted Ladies” — the characteristic Victorian townhouses SF is known for—near the center of the map. In the bottom right are a few of the stops I made on my solo adventure day, the high point of which was the Comic Art Museum. In the top right, wine country — featuring the Fremont Diner, home of the World’s Best Chicken-n-WafflesOMG and the vineyards of Chateau St. Jean, where we stopped for a tasting and tour.

There’s so, so much of San Francisco that I didn’t see… Can’t wait to go back, and I actually wouldn’t mind living there for a bit. SF, you’ve been added to my Bucket List of Residency.

…And this map has been posted on They Draw and Travel. Woot.



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