A Star Wars party, we had.

A few weeks ago, I gathered with my geekiest friends to watch Star Wars. It was May the Fourth, and we had ourselves a little party with themed food and favors.
Because that’s what geeks do.
Angie Brown | Tauntaun, Sour Vines, and LukeSo… I, being a crafty geek, I prepared for the party by spending the last two weeks of April making a papier-mâché tauntaun in which to serve gummy worms or sour vines, or some sort of other delicious squiggly treat. And I also made a little shrinky-dink Luke to keep warm in them…


I thought maybe I’d try to do a tutorial on how to make your own tauntaun gummy worm tray… but all the in-progress shots turned out blurry and dark, so I’d have to draw it, and that could take a while. So don’t hold your breath for that… I’ve got other stuff a-brewing too— a new travel map is in the works— I went to San Francisco y’all!

Oh, but wait… there’s more Star Wars…

Angie Brown | galacticbloom | cheesetrooper I also made a pretty awesome Stormtrooper Cheeseball. I got the idea from this food blog. She used black olives for her markings, but I do not like olives, so I bought black sesame seeds instead. Fancy… though a bit imprecise in their placement and difficult to manage.

We also had Tatooweenies in Blankets, 7-Leia Dip, Princess Leia’s Buns, Carbonite Crackers, and Yoda Soda (adult recipe). There were also balloon light sabers. Yah.

tauntaun gummy worm tray Angie Brown galacticbloom


2 thoughts on “A Star Wars party, we had.

    1. Thanks, Anette! i dipped my finger in water, then into the sesame seeds, and then pressed it to the cheeseball. That seemed to be the most effective means of application. I kept thinking that I should’ve made a stencil, so I could just sprinkle the seeds on and get a nice, clean line, but who am I kidding– ain’t nobody got time for that!

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