Eyeballing Goals

Angie Brown

It’s been a big week in AngieLand. The long-awaited compilation book by Dawn DeVries Sokol entitled A World of Artist Journal Pages, finally hit the shelves. My copy arrived Friday, and I’ll be spending some quality time with it ASAP. I’m super-stoked to see my work in such great company.

Also this week, the lovely folks at They Draw & Cook featured my Garlic~Rosemary~Parmesan Bread recipe in the jumbotron collection on the home page. I’ve got about 2.5 illustrated recipes in various stages of completion that I really need to get finished and submitted. That’s one of my goals this year—more illustrated recipes and maps for Salli and Nate.

And rounding out my exciting week, this morning I popped in to the Blessing of the Fleet festival to judge the Mt. Pleasant Artist Guild’s show. I chose 8 winners from among 120 pieces, and it was just as difficult/fun as I thought it would be. I think I did well though, and selected a broad range of work.

Pictured: fabric, paper, paint, ink and hand-embroidered thread. I’d like to get back to sewing and do more work like this piece, created more than a year ago. Mostly though I’ve been playing with paper mache, drawing silly pictures of my friends, and wishing I had a kiln.


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