And now for something totally different…

Angie Brown | illustrator Angie Brown | illustrator

Cactus pattern! Since I’ve begun sewing clothes and plushies and working with fabric more,  I’ve become quite interested in pattern and print design. This is a page from my sketchbook, in original colors as scanned, and then a color variation created in Photoshop. I flipped a couple of pots around to balance it, since everything in the original seems to lean slightly to the right,and filled in a few “mountain ranges” in the background texture. What do you think? Original or Crispy?

Perhaps my next challenge will involve patterns and prints… I do love texture, visual and/or tactile. Definitely on my To-Do List for 2015: Create and upload fabric designs to; create my own textiles.

As for the Rocked that Look series, I’ve cooled off on it a bit for the moment in order to redirect, to push more into experimental techniques. I also have quite a lot of holiday gift production to catch up on at the mo’… Where does the time go?


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