Sherlocked that Look: Halloween Edition

Angie Brown | rocked that look
Angie Brown | Rocked That look10-25-14
I missed a few days of my air guitar / wardrobe illustration challenge this week, *because cats.* After three very tense days and as many trips to the vet, we are now on our way to a full recovery. To celebrate the health and wellness of our family unit, I had the girls join me for the special Halloween Edition of Rocked That Look. Inspired by the BBC series Sherlock, Vivi is rocking the titular role and her sidekick Jenkins rocks out as John Watson, while I, of course, am the apartment at 221B Baker Street.

I made the dress a few weeks ago using fabric printed with the wallpaper pattern of Sherlock and John’s living room. (Purchased from Spoonflower.) The cats’ costumes are purely imaginary, as no self-respecting cat would wear that ridiculous hat.

My favorite of this series so far is the green cargo skirt look from the 25th. That’s the one where I sort of figured out how I wanted these to look. And now I’m just working out the details and tough bits, and trying to push the poses.


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