Behind the Scenes: the Art Journal


Taking a break from drawing cats this week– here are a few pages from my art journal. I’ve been working in this book for a few years now– in its former life it was a paperback volume of love poems in Italian. But now it’s like an archaeological puzzle documenting my body of work– the outtakes, footnotes, and “making of” stories behind my “proper” works.


Whilst making collages the way I do, one creates a large amount of discarded bits, the negative areas cut or torn away and not used. Those pieces are not thrown away– they are carefully horded in stacks and piles on my work table, in case I need them. When the layer of creative flotsam builds up too thick, I get out the art journal book and glue some bits in here and there until my work surface is visible again. Occasionally I’ll  splash in leftover paint and experiment with marks and materials on random pages. It’s like playtime for my soul.


The chronology is a bit wibbly-wobbly though, because I’m just as likely to add to older pages as I am to start something new. Sometimes I can get a rough idea of the time period, because I recognize the bits that came from other, larger works. The pages above were made from leftovers from the NYC Triptych, but the paint went down much earlier.

sketch_17Other pages incorporate freshly harvested papers, blocks of color torn from magazines, junk mail, etc. I rather enjoy my little art journal. It’s a great place to warm up the creative muscles, experiment with marks and color, and just let loose and play.



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