Humans and other Sketchy Peeps

angie brown |character sketches

Other proposed titles for this post included:

  • And now for something totally different: people!
  • I’ve been doodling humans.
  • I don’t always draw people, but when I do, I just draw the heads.

So I thought I’d branch out a bit from the usual cats and dogs, and add a bit of variety to my repertoire. I have noticed that men are easier to draw in this whimsical style, which is a total 180 from my historical stance on gender rendering.

I rather like the two guys at the top. I think they might be in a band. The one on the right is obviously the drummer, and Iggy, on the left, is probably the bass player. He’s my favorite. But that’s no surprise– I’ve always had a thing for bass players. I think they might also be British, which is another demographic that I currently fancy. (I blame you, BBC.)

I had a lot of fun inventing faces, but I’m not really sure where I’ll go next. Women? Children? Portraits of actual humans? Or maybe even people with– wait for it– bodies under their heads?

Maybe. Stranger things have happened.


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