What’s cooking in 2014

Angie Brown | They Draw & Cook

First up, a new illustrated recipe for TheyDrawAndCook.com. I used watercolor pencils– which are hey, kinda neat. They’re color pencils with a water-soluble lead, combining the best parts of wet and dry media. I wanted this piece to have a nice warm sepia tone to it, so I did a few washes with coffee too. I hope the directions are clear enough so that someone could use it to actually make this delicious bread– it really is amazing.

Angie Brown | Ralfie

In other news, I’ll have an illustration in the upcoming March issue of Ionic — an online science+art magazine out of the UK. I’ve also just signed the paperwork to allow some of my art journal pages to be published in a book due out early next year. More on both of those stories as they develop.

Plans for February: I’ll be doing a step-by-step photo post of a mixed media collage painting I’m about to finish up, and I’ll also post more art journal pages.

Plans for 2014: I’m going to buy a sewing machine! I’ve been hand-sewing all my up-cycling projects, reworking old clothes into plushie dolls, new clothes, and sometimes, plushie dolls in new clothes– like little Ralfie the Sweater Cat here. Machine sewing would help me step up production enough to maybe open an Etsy shop…


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