Narcissa and the Consumerists

Angie Brown | Narcissa


Rather than let another week go by waiting for an ample opportunity to make a proper post, I’m just going to throw this out there into the blogosphere, dash off a quick sentence or two and run back to my Cave of Intense Stuff-Doing.

(Aside: Why is winter always so busy? Doesn’t art know that I am half-bear, and I just really want to sleep?Not complaining though… Busy means alive.)

This is the latest project from my Eccentric Illustration class. This unit was about historical propaganda, persuasion techniques, and influence. I got a little rant-tastic about my anti-consumerist ideals during class discussions, but I won’t do that here, now. You’re welcome. It is sufficient to say this: We are more than our appearance. We miss so much of the stuff that really matters– because we’re so busy looking in the mirror.

As always, thanks so much for popping in. Tell me your thoughts. I want to hear them. 


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