The Chaise Chase: A True Story

The Chaise Chase | Angie Brown

Based on a true story, only the upholstery has been changed to protect the identity of the um… furniture. When my cats twitch and chirp in their sleep, this is what I think they’re dreaming about– an amalgamation of the familiar domestic interior and the instinctual memory of the African wilderness, carried in their blood since they were big cats roaming the steppes.

The assignment was to depict time, space and motion using any media and any subject matter. The two groupings in the background give the otherwise flat picture a sense of depth and time– this chase has been going on for a long time and has covered much ground. I am rather fond of the chairaffes* under the tree.

My instructor liked it rather well, and gave me my highest marks so far. He does point out that the cat in the bottom left is awkward, but dude— cats in motion are so hard to draw. Like, so hard… particularly this winding-up, pre-springing pose. He has no idea how many cats I drew this week… not that I’m complaining, mind you.

*See what I did there?


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