Angie Brown The first project for my Eccentric Illustration class at AAU: depict “transformation” using a style you’ve never done before. So linocut seemed like a good medium for exploring the transformation of the American landscape and the decimation of our indigenous tribal culture… y‘know, because Columbus Day is right around the corner and it seemed like a good time to bring that up.

I got a little reckless with my cutting, and what has been cut can never be uncut… so I had to do some problem solving with my trusty collage techniques. I’m rather pleased with the outcome, and I learned a great deal about my process.

For me, art is about transforming a breakdown into a breakthrough. Every piece I make goes through an “ugly phase” when I want to either start over, abandon it, or even destroy it. But if I watch that struggle and even embrace it without being attached to the outcome, and just keep pushing– I’ll come out the other side with something true and beautiful. Life is like that too.

6 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. This turned out really great Angie! I’m happy I got to see it when it was still transforming. The color transitions are great and I like the subtle texture in the buffalo.

    1. The subtle texture in the buffalo was a recommendation by a classmate, actually– and she was totally right. It makes a huge difference! I’m glad you got to see my mess too. Keepin’ it real.

  2. From beginning to end you always have a clear point of view and your process is superb. You are truly a great artist with a great eye, excellent skills and undeniable intelligence.

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