Illustrated Soup

Angie Brown |

Another recipe for They Draw And Cook and the display of my favorite recipes growing in my kitchen. I started  making experimenting on this soup a few months ago, and it gets more delicious every time I make it.

When I first found it on Pinterest, there was no mention of any herbs, and it called for broth. I don’t have broth. I used about a tablespoon of Bragg’s liquid aminos in 2 cups of water and that was pretty tasty (just decrease the salt if you go that route.) Then one day, I happened to have half a glass of red wine that I’d fallen asleep on the night before. I poured it in le soup pot and as George Takei would say, oh my~. It changed my life and the way I think about soup for all eternity. I also stopped pureeing the boiled vegetables. I like chunky, hearty soups. And I’m a little  lazy  busy with other stuffs. Also, you should know that the measurements for the herbs are guesstimations. I rarely measure in the kitchen unless science depends upon it (as in baking). I cook with my intuition and a daredevil sense of adventure, eyeballing, tasting, sipping wine, and dance-step-tripping over cats. It’s chaos, but it’s delicious.

The anthropomorphic vegetables were fun to draw. I should doodle more characters and stuff. I also did a map of Las Vegas for They Draw and Travel.

In other news, I’ve been redesigning my website to focus more on illustration and stuffs (the sideways scrolling experiment was a meh,) and I’ll be uploading it very, very soonly whether it’s finished or not. I can work out the kinks later. There’ll be loads of new, never-before-seen stuff, so yay!


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