Pesto, Furniture, and Internet Fame

Angie Brown | Pesto... mmmm

Visual recipes are my new hobby. I recently found a really awesome site called They Draw and Cook
(click the pic to go to there.) Salli and Nate posted my first submission this morning, and I am feeling rather Internet Famous. I’m no Grumpy Cat, by any means, but I am well-pleased with this particular 15 minutes of stardom. I think my next recipe shall be Tomato Soup… mmmmm…

In other news, I have been attempting to get a good photo of the furniture piece I’ve been working on since March (and dreaming about since forever.) This photo does not do it justice, but I wanted to post it anyway, with the promise that I will get better photos ASAP.. the kind that use natural light and stuff. There may even be close-ups and details about how I achieved such awesomeness. AND It might even be totally finished when I take said photos.

Angie Brown | reclaimed furniture + cat So this is my dresser, so far. I keep my underoos in there, as well as other assorted garments and accouterments. Behold my small cat Jenkins, as she demonstrates its dual-functionality as a kitty display unit.

My friend Bennett helped me construct it, (well, he built it, actually. I designed and painted it,) using bits of discarded furniture. I collected drawers from desks and dressers junked on the roadside, and he donated the Queen Ann-style table legs –and for that I declare him a genius and a saint. Melissa in Philadelphia helped me pick out most of the drawer-pulls, and Joel provided moral support, encouragement, and a bouncy sounding board for my ideas about color and hardware. It is a labor of love, and both of my dear cats appreciate it very much, for it is indeed a very nice place for them to sit.

I will take better photos, very soon. Promise. I owe you that much at least, just for stopping by every week to check on me. 😉


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