Winter’s Night in 6 parts

Angie Brown | Winter Night

This is Winter’s Night, a 36″ x 36″ mixed media on canvas, a recently completed commission. My client jokingly asked for weekly progress text updates, and I happily obliged– I thought it’d make great blog fodder. So here it is, an original Angie Brown abstract in 6 steps:

Angie Brown | Winter Night

Gotta start somewhere.

Angie Brown | Winter Night

  Taking shape. There’s quite a bit of work between the first shot and this. It must’ve been a long weekend. I’ve defined my black areas and my whites, and taped up some of paper elements to see how I feel about them.

Angie Brown | Winter Night

The paper elements have been glued down, and now I’ve added a bit of frayed canvas that I distressed with an Xacto knife, and ripped away part of the paper I glued down the previous week.

Angie Brown | Winter Night

Here, I’ve added quite a few new collage elements including fabrics, photocopies, an orphaned sketch of a metro area, and some found and altered papers.

Angie Brown | Winter Night

Horrible photo, my apologies. I’ve added the black area above the “horizon” in the top right corner to balance the left. Added a few more drips, which I didn’t like…

Winter's Night | Angie Brown
Angie Brown © 2013 | Winter’s Night

And the final, taken with a camera that does not also text and make calls. Click the image to enlarge.

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