Landon Marcus is a Character

Angie Brown

This here is Landon Marcus, musician, artist, performer, cosmic wanderer, and all-around Super Cool Dude. He is– like seriously– one of the ten people that would be allowed on my personal island, if I had one. In fact, I would have his residence built right across the courtyard from mine, and he could live there with his girlfriend (who happens to be my BFF) and as many cats as they wanted.

So anyway, Landon Marcus, Super Cool Dude Extraordinaire, has commissioned an illustration to adorn the promotional materials of his new album.  This is my first go at “characterizing” him. When he saw it, his reaction went like-so: “Aweso-ome! You totally nailed the hair.” To which I replied, “Yah, totes. I’m really glad you have such interesting hair so that I could draw it thusly.”

So now I need to finish this project. It has to be really super cool. In the meantime, you should check out the music of Landon Marcus. And then come back and tell me if I have captured his Super Cool Dudeness.

kthx. bye!


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