all the king’s men

Angie Brown | All the King's Men
Angie Brown | All the King’s Men

This week the topic posted on Illustration Friday is egg. I’m pulling one from the archives, since I just moved to a new apartment and have no idea where any of my supplies are, I’m exhausted and there are still boxes EVERYWHERE. So instead of a fresh and newly hatched artwork, you get this finely aged piece of dimensional collage, entitled All the King’s Men, which incorporates actual eggshells (that crumbly texture on the right.) It was done during my poured acrylic drippy phase, circa 2010-ish. I believe the crackle texture in the top right happened when I painted acrylic over semi-dry raw egg ooze. It’s a bit of a dark take on the ol’ Humpty Dumpty thing, but you probably figured that out already from the context clues, didn’t ya? Yeah, you’re smart, that’s why I like you. And you have great taste in blogs. 😉

As always, thanks for stopping by, commenting and following. I try to at least take a quick peek at everybody who leaves their mark here, and even if I don’t get a chance to respond, it’s very much appreciated. I’m very glad you’re here.


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