illofri: myth

angie brown | babel

This week for Illustration Friday, I decided to tackle the Tower of Babel with a typographical solution. The topic is  “myth.” I’ve always found the Tower of Babel story fascinating. I’ve painted it a few times in the past (see below), but this is my first digital rendering. I used Illustrator, and the text is pulled from the biblical passage as quoted by Wikipedia:

“They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withheld from them which they purpose to do. Come, let us go down and confound their speech.” And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, so that they would not be able to return to each other, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel “because God there confounded the language of all the Earth”. Genesis 11:1-9

angie brown | babel evolves
Angie Brown | circa 1995

As a child, I thought that was a little mean-spirited of God to stomp on peoples’ dreams and ambitions like that. But then I see what we’ve done since the Industrial Revolution and I think that maybe he had a good point after all. What a mess we’ve made… but then some pretty wonderful things have come out of it too. Which is why the title of this painting is Babel Evolves: Entropy and Evolution Occur Simultaneously.

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